Each child is provided opportunities for personal growth through group involvement, creative activities, problem solving, self control, and acceptance of responsibility. Circle Time activities will be provided each day which include stories, games, and conversational activities. Circle Time provides opportunity for interaction among the children in a large group setting.

Casner provides a hands-on learning experience through centers-based curriculum in each classroom. As an accompaniment to Abeka, each grade level studies and learns about the same theme/unit simultaneously through investigation, imagination and sensory play. Examples of our theme units include All About Me, Community Helpers, Dinosaurs, Farm, and Ocean. Included within each unit of study, are discovery activities, art projects, language games, Christian values, spiritual growth, and gross and fine motor skill activities. Highlights of the curriculum for each age are given below.

  • The Two-year-old & Three-year-old Programs include: Socialization with peers, dramatic play, story time, listening activities, manipulative toys, art activities, music, and outside play.
  • The Four-year-old Program includes: The Abeka Curriculum introducing numbers concepts 1-20, the formation of numbers 1-20, handwriting, phonics based reading readiness pages which are full of carefully sequenced activities in recognition, sound, and formations of short vowels, consonants, consonant-vowel blends and one syllable word of one or two vowels.
  • The Kindergarten Program includes: The Abeka Curriculum for arithmetic, phonics, spelling, and reading; handwriting, and science. Kindergarteners are given report cards three times during the year.

As an extension to regular classroom learning, Casner students also participate in a dedicated art, music, and physical education class throughout their week.