Patriotic Minded

Patriotism runs very deep at Casner Christian Academy. Ms. Casner is the most patriotic person you will ever meet and often greets the children with “red, white and blue, God loves you!” The school instills the importance of loving and honoring our country from the very first day.

The children learn both the National and State pledges and participate in a Flag Raising ceremony every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:15 a.m. Each child is a designated flag raiser one time per year and leads the school in either the national or state pledge of allegiance and raises either the Texas or American flag. Parents, grandparents and friends are encouraged to come and watch their precious child. It is a very exciting and special day for both the children and their families.

The Veterans Day / Sing Song assembly is a memorable patriotic day at CCA. The Casner child has the opportunity to honor their family and friends who served our country. The children work on special artwork and sing patriotic songs leading up to the event.