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PTA involvement adds greatly to the Casner culture as well. Committees plan events throughout the year that provide lasting memories for students and parents. The first PTA event in the fall is Muffins with Mom and offers a special time for children and mothers to have breakfast together before school, as well as an opportunity for mothers to get to know one another early in the year. A similar event, Donuts with Dad, takes place in the spring. A very special highlight each year at Casner is Veterans Day. A school­-wide event honors our country’s veterans and especially reaches the students by honoring veteran relatives of Casner students as our special guests.


Grandparents also seem to be keenly involved in the Casner community. Many attend Sing Songs and other performances throughout the year as second-generation attendees. The smiles on their faces show their joy that Ms. Casner’s traditions continue today and will shape yet another generation of students.

At Casner Christian Academy, parent involvement largely contributes to the uniqueness of our school community. Casner families are willing and excited to participate, a characteristic that shines as a foundation of our school all year long. In the classroom, parents are involved as visitors reading to the students, party planners, and volunteers on the front lines for carpool duty, warmly greeting each child as he or she gets out of the car and walks through the doors to learn about God, our country, and the fundamentals of education. Early in the year we strive for families in each class to get to know one another, resulting in close-­knit classroom communities that translate into a loving school community.