Lucille’s Lemonade Stand

This fundraiser, named after our founder Lucille Casner, will kick off this Friday, September 27th at Sing Song! Through community outreach, our goal is to see how much money

we can raise for our sweet school during the Month of October through good old fashioned lemonade stands!  This is a fun and simple way to help bridge the gap between operating costs and tuition, but also get our kids involved.

The kids will be learning about the importance of community, communication skills and responsibility in their classrooms as well as how to work with numbers through the use of exchanging money through pretend play.

If you are not able to make it to a Lemonade Stand in the month of October, we will appreciate a donation of any kind towards your student’s stand by clicking below!  Simply put the name of the student you are supporting in the comments section, and we will let them know about your donation to their stand.