“With our son finishing up kindergarten, it brings us to the end (and makes us sad it is ending) of six wonderful years of our boys attending Casner Christian Academy. Said simply, there is no other place we can imagine that would have given them a better start to their education and development.  Although they each had their individual classroom teachers through the years, what we have come to realize is that every student has every teacher at CCA, every day. The entire faculty and staff treat and care for every child as if they were their own and that is something that is truly priceless for a parent.  They loved attending Casner and we loved having them there and we want to thank you with all of our heart and gratitude for the wonderful experience you have provided them.”
—Ted and Shirley Mueller, Casner Family

“I love that there is extra intentional effort put on recognizing and celebrating each child through Sing Song, chapel, and flag raising. I know that those extra activities take a lot of added effort from the teachers and staff, but the pride, joy, and character building it brings the children is immeasurable. This is our first year at Casner and already I’m dreading the day that our children graduate the program. CCA has given me such high expectations for what I want out of our children’s education and schooling going forward. Thank you for creating such an incredible, loving, teaching, and growing environment. As a parent, it means the world to me.”
— Johanna Peyton, Casner Mom

“I first walked through the doors of Casner Christian Academy in 1975. I was greeted with a big hug and smile by the headmaster, Ms. Lucille Casner. The next several years there truly marked the beginning of the person I grew up to be. The school then and still does instill confidence, leadership, patriotism, a love of self, and most of all, God. Fast forward 30 years later. My son Jackson and daughter Pepper walked through the doors of Casner Christian Academy and were greeted with a big hug and smile by the headmaster, Ms. Lucille Casner. This year my son Beau started at Casner and received that same big hug and smile from Gail Dabbs, the new headmaster. And this was the greatest gift we could give them.”
— Janie Murray Brydson, Casner Alumna and Parent

“I have been associated with Casner Christian Academy as a parent, a teacher and a grandparent. The school provides a very loving, encouraging environment for learning and building self confidence for students and teachers alike!”
— Linda Baker, Retired Teacher