Kids at Heart

Kids at HeartChildren’s performances are an integral, important aspect of the education provided by Casner. Since Casner’s beginning, the school has held monthly programs called “Sing Song,” during which students perform songs highlighting the love of Jesus and the playfulness of being a child. Each month, one class is highlighted as the main performer with a creative musical dance routine and skit that helps develop mental discipline and confidence while having fun! These regular performances foster creativity and pride as students sing and dance to the songs they have learned in music class, as well as self­-control and encouragement of others as they listen and watch attentively while the highlighted class performs. To further celebrate each child and develop public speaking, students have the opportunity to come on stage during their birthday month and announce their name and age. In addition, students who have worked especially hard in an area of study are awarded the coveted “Lollipop Dragon” and praised for their outstanding qualities. It is amazing to see the progress the students make from three to six years in their confidence, participation, and creativity. We encourage all future parents who are considering Casner to attend at least one Sing Song performance to see the joy, love and excitement that is generated by this special event.

Kids at HeartTwo additional highlights of the year are the school-wide Christmas Pageant and the Spring Program. The Christmas Pageant is a touching night that displays the story of the birth of Jesus simply and purely and is a wonderful family event that brings the true meaning of Christmas back to the season. The Spring Program is all about being lighthearted, goofy, and having fun! The children love being able to act in the stories of classic fairy tales and songs. Both of these precious events further develop public performance skills and confidence. Parents, grandparents and friends enthusiastically attend these touching, memorable events which thrills our proud, young performers who have worked so hard on the show.